The Mancala game is an originally African game for two players.
The game is played on a board with for each player multiple playing fields, and one score field. Each playing field is originally filled with a fixed number of stones.
The objective is to collect more stones in your own score field than the opponent in his. A turn consists of taking all the stones from one of your own playing fields, and putting one in each subsequent field including your own score field, but omiting the opponent's score field. When you end in your own score field, you may have another turn. If you put your last stone in an empty playing field, you may take that stone and the opponent's on the field opposite of it and move them to your own score field. If one player has no more stones to play, the other may move his to his own square and the game has ended.

In this computer version, it is possible to set the number of playing fields, the number of stones initially in each field, and whether the stones must be distributed uniformly or at random.
It is also possible to let the computer play one (or both) sides, adjusting the playing level, which is the number of turns it thinks in advance.

This version was released on 25th February 2003.

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